Introducing Empowering Homeowners and Renters with Transparent Community Feedback
Friday, May 26, 2023 at 7:00am UTC

Los Angeles, CA May 26, 2023 --( Do you experience frustration and a sense of powerlessness with respect to your building’s HOA?, an innovative online platform, is changing the way homeowners and renters interact with and evaluate their Homeowners Association (HOA). HOAs play a crucial role in managing and maintaining residential communities, but the lack of easily accessible and reliable information about HOAs often leaves homeowners and renters disengaged and in the dark. aims to empower homeowners by providing them with transparent and unbiased reviews of HOAs, offering a comprehensive picture of the HOA's strengths and weaknesses, and fostering a more informed decision-making process for current residents and prospective renters or buyers.

Currently limited to California, but with plans to expand nationwide, key features of include:

1. Transparent Reviews: ensures that all reviews are submitted by a real person which promotes authenticity and reliability. By maintaining strict guidelines, the platform guarantees unbiased and genuine feedback about HOAs.

2. Comprehensive Community Profiles: We aim to have all HOAs in CA listed on Our plan is to have a dedicated profile that includes essential information such as location, amenities, rules, and contact details. Homeowners can make well-informed decisions by exploring these profiles and gaining a deeper understanding of their potential or current community.

3. Ratings and Rankings: Users can rate and rank their HOA experiences based on various factors such as communication, maintenance, quality of services, and overall satisfaction. These ratings contribute to an aggregated score, providing a quick overview of an HOA's performance.

4. Community Engagement: wants to foster a sense of community by encouraging homeowners to engage in discussions, ask questions, and seek advice from others. This interactive element allows homeowners to connect with like-minded individuals and share valuable insights. was founded by like-minded individuals experiencing first hand challenges with their own HOAs. is dedicated to facilitating a positive dialogue between renters / homeowners and HOAs, promoting transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement within residential communities. By leveraging the collective insight of its user base, is on the verge of revolutionizing the manner in which homeowners assess and interact with their HOA communities.

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About, founded by like-minded individuals experiencing first hand challenges with their own HOAs, is an innovative online platform that empowers homeowners by providing transparent and unbiased reviews of Homeowners Associations (HOAs). By offering a comprehensive database of community profiles, ratings, and rankings, aims to revolutionize the way homeowners evaluate and engage with their HOA communities. For more information, please visit

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